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How Therapy Kitchens Was Born

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

When my mom was undergoing dialysis, one of the biggest challenges we faced was finding foods that catered to her low sodium diet. It wasn't just about reducing salt intake, it was also about finding meals that still brought joy and flavor to the table.

Most of the low sodium options available were either overprocessed or painfully bland. This struggle was not just a dietary challenge, it was emotionally challenging as well.

This personal experience led me to the inception of Therapy Gardens and, later, Therapy Kitchens.

There was a significant gap in the market for healthy, low sodium foods that didn't compromise on taste. Our mission became clear: to create recipes for meals and soups that were not only safe and nutritious for those on restricted diets, like my mom, but also delicious and enjoyable.

What Therapy Gardens teaches is now something Therapy Kitchens does. We make great homestyle food with real ingredients.

Food should be a source of pleasure, not a list of restrictions. We focus on crafting recipes that are as delightful to the palate as they are beneficial to health. Our soups, a flagship offering, are a testament to this philosophy. They are made with fresh, wholesome ingredients, seasoned with a mix of herbs and spices that bring out rich, natural flavors without relying on excessive salt.

We also recognize that as people age, their nutritional needs change, but their desire for tasty food remains constant. That's why our menu is tailored to meet the needs of older adults, offering the right balance of nutrients without ever skimping on taste.

Join us on our journey with Therapy Kitchens as we redefine the narrative around healthy eating for seniors. It's not just about meeting dietary requirements; it's about enjoying what you eat and feeling good about it. Through our blog, we'll share insights, stories, and tips on nutrition and health, all while keeping flavor at the forefront.

Welcome to Therapy Kitchens – where good health and great taste go hand in hand.

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