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Italian Family Cooking

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

My grandmother (far left) and mother (right). Mid 1970s.

Growing up in an Italian-American family, there was a comforting predictability to every holiday. It always started with a pasta course, rich and inviting, and ended with Italian cookies and coffee.

These culinary traditions didn't just feed us, they brought us together, creating memories and a sense of community that I hold dear. It's this sense of warmth and belonging that I want to bring to Therapy Kitchens. While we specialize in creating nutritious meals for seniors, we also believe in the joy and nostalgia that traditional recipes bring.

I've been sharing some of these family recipes in our Therapy Gardens presentations, and the response has been heartwarming. It's shown me that there's a desire for these traditional flavors, reimagined in a way that aligns with health-conscious eating. Therefore, I'm excited to announce that I will be sharing these recipes here as well.

You'll get a taste of the classic pasta dishes that began our holiday meals, like stuffed shells or lasagna. Past e Fagioli is sure to appear, as is any number of spaghetti dishes.

And let's not forget about the desserts. Italian cookies, a staple in my family, will also get a little attention. We'll explore how to make these delightful treats in a way that's better suited for those watching their sugar intake, proving that a little modification can still preserve the joy of a well-loved recipe.

Whether you're of Italian descent or simply an admirer of the cuisine, these recipes are a way to bring a piece of my family's tradition to your table.

Stay tuned for our first recipe post, where we'll dive into a classic pasta dish that's sure to evoke memories of family gatherings and festive celebrations. And, as always, we believe that just because we make food doesn't mean we can't share the recipes too!

Do you have a recipe to share? Tell us about it.

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