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Therapy Kitchens


Therapy Kitchens is not just a prepared meal service; we're a part of the growing movement towards authentic, delicious food.


Recognizing the unique nutritional needs of older adults, we specialize in creating meals and soups that are low in carbohydrates and salt, with no added sugars. Our recipes are thoughtfully crafted using beneficial herbs and spices, ensuring every dish is both healthy and enjoyable.

We believe that healthy eating is crucial at every stage of life, particularly for seniors. Numerous studies highlight the significance of proper nutrition in aging. However, conventional store-bought and restaurant offerings often contain excessive salt, fat, and sugar, not to mention their exorbitant prices and delivery fees.


This is where Therapy Kitchens steps in. Our aim is to provide seniors with meals and soups that are not only healthy and delicious but also reasonably priced. We are committed to making it easier and more affordable for older adults to eat well and take pleasure in their meals.


For those interested in our range of prepared meals and homemade soups or our popular supper clubs, please reach out to us via our Contact page.

Green Vegetables
Borscht soup

Our Business

Therapy Kitchens partners with local Chef Joe Deagle of Deag's Food Truck and Catering. All food is made in a fully-licensed and inspected kitchen located at 265 Purchase Street, South Easton, MA.

A subsidiary of Therapy Gardens, Inc.

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